Bradley Hessink

Director Business Development
United Kingdom

Bradley Hessink embarked on his journey in the auction industry in 1996, initially working part-time and later transitioning to full-time commitment in 2000. His career trajectory began at the grassroots level, where he diligently acquired expertise in every facet of the business. From the outset, he displayed a profound passion for Asian art and exhibited a remarkable talent for sales.

Currently, Bradley is channeling his efforts towards business development at the company and spearheading the global expansion initiatives of Hessink's Auctioneers. His role not only involves attracting new business opportunities but also identifying and recruiting specialists for various departments within the organization, thereby contributing to the growth and diversification of the company's expertise.

Areas of Specialism

  • 20th Century Design
  • Asian Art
  • Indian, Himalayan & Southeast Asian Art
  • Indian & South Asian Modern & Contemporary Art
  • Japanese Art
  • Special Projects

Bradley Hessink