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I request that Hessink’s enters bids on the following lots up to the maximum price I have indicated for each lot. I understand that by submitting this bid, I have entered into a bidding contract to purchase the individual lots, if my bid is successful. I understand that if my bid is successful, I will be obligated to pay the purchase price, which will be the sum of my final bid plus the buyer’s premium and any other applicable value added tax (VAT)
I totally understand that Hessink’s executes absentee bids as a convenience for clients, and is not responsible for inadvertently failing to execute bids or for errors relating to execution of bids, including computer-related errors. On my behalf, Hessink’s will try to purchase these lots for the lowest possible price, taking into account the reserve and other bids.

If identical absentee bids are left, Hessink’s will give precedence to the first one received. All successful bids are subject to the terms of the Conditions of Sale and Limited Warranty printed in Hessink’s catalogue, which I have the opportunity to review.

The management of Hessink’s wishes you a pleasant time during this sale.