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A Sissoo Low Cupboard by Pierre Jeanneret

A Double-Sided Teak Wood File Rack
Pierre JEANNERET (1896-1967)
[Model: PJ-R-27-A]
Circa 1957-1958

Double-sided low cupboard known as "Pigeonhole Rack" in solid sissoo (Indian rosewood). Six compartments for books, four in the centre and two at the side higher up. Legs formed by the body's two side panels.

Height 28 in / 71.2 cm.
Length 48.5 in / 122.2 cm.
Depth 14.5 in / 37.5 cm. (+/-)
Other reference numbers for this model are: [CH050202] [PJ-050202].

Condition: Very Good

File racks or storage units of this model appeared in the Secretariat and other administrative buildings at Chandigarh.

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