A series of four paintings depicting Hindu deities. Northern India, 19th century AD

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A series of four paintings depicting Hindu deities. Northern India, 19th century AD;

each mounted and in a modern frame:
Ganesh seated on a lotus throne, with elephant head, crown to the top, corpulent body with snake garland around neck, four hands holding a tusk, rosary, and elephant goad. Seated to his left his consort the goddess Bhuddi wearing a sari pulled up over the head and holding a flower to nose. Below two rats, the Vahana, or vehicle, of Ganesh and Buddhi, to the background a doorway with cusped arches and plants to the side, floral border with rosettes.
Narasimha, the man-lion incarnation of Vishnu, seated with the demon Hiranyakashipu across lap being disembowelled, holding sword and shield, split column to the back. To the right Prahlad, son of the demon, with hands held in prayer, to the left the goddess lakshmi hands held in prayer. To the background the palace of Hiranyakashipu, floral border with rosettes.
Vishnu seated on a lotus throne, with blue skin, crown to head, armlets, bracelets and anklets. Lower hands held in prayer, upper right hand holding a discus, left holding a mace. To the side male devotees kneeling, each holding a conch shell to mouth. To the background a palace with three domed pavilions to the top, floral border with rosettes.
Krishna as a youth standing with legs crossed, crown to head, garlands across chest. The right hand raised and with the little finger supporting Mount Govardhan. To the right Balaram, the brother of Krishna, crowned and holding a staff, to the left a gopi, or cow herd maid, wearing a sari and hands in prayer, cow to the back of Krishna. To the side of Mount Govardhan Indra, king of the gods, riding an elephant with mahout to the front, two cows to either side of the elephant. Floral border with rosettes.
13.5 x 9.5cm

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