Banksy Love Plane

BANKSY (British Street Artist, b. 1974)

‘LOVE PLANE’, 2011

Aerosol on wall piece. Embedded in custom made steel frame

This art work called ‘LOVE PLANE’, was spray painted by Banksy on a wall of Norwich House next to Rumford Street car park, opposite the Liverpool War Museum, in 2011. It was part of a 15-feet tall art work and depicts an intricately stencilled black-and-white biplane with a heart-shaped smoke trail. Soon after this ‘LOVE PLANE’ became one of Banksy’s best known Liverpool works. The graffiti artists’ has confirmed the authenticity of the Liverpool ‘LOVE PLANE’ on Social Media and on his website.

In 2016 ‘LOVE PLANE’ disappears from the wall. Rumours said that Banksy himself has partially removed ‘LOVE PLANE' in 2016 because of the refurbished of the building and that the art work also needed restoration. It was indicated that after te restauration of ‘LOVE PLANE’, the art work would be exhibited in a Street Art Museum. However this Street Art Museum was never set up. The artwork moved to a private collection and disappeared for some years, but will be offered now for the first time at Hessink’s Auctions.


This wall piece will be auctioned at Hessink's Auctions 30 November 2021

Banksy-Love Plane hessink.jpg
Banksy Love Plane
love plane 9.jpg
Banksy Love Plane Original

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