Japanese vase sells for more than €9,000 (£8,060) at Hessink's

Japanese vase

Zwolle, December 2017.

Hessink's sells a beautiful Japanese porcelain vase for more than €9,000 (£8,060)
The blue and white Kyo-yaki studio-ware vase featuring a distinctive porcelain cicada applied to the exterior, by Kanzan Denshichi, was originally purchased for just €375 (£335) at a small regional auction house in the east of the Netherlands, six months before it was offered to Hessink's to be put into its Asian art auction. The owner who bought it said he had a gut feeling about the vase that it could make him a nice little profit. but that it would sell for this much was an absolute shock. The experts of Hessink’s knew they had been offered something special, as the maker of the vase was more known for making tea-sets. Hessink’s sold the vase in its Asian Art Auction on December 2017 for more than €9,000 (£8,060).

Olaf the mammoth hammered down at € 300.000 (£ 261.489).
Olaf the mammoth hammered down at € 300.000 (£ 261.489).
Netherlands 7th September 2018