Press Release Modern & Urban Art Auction

After the successful sale of ‘Bird with a Grenade’ (2002) for €212,500 last year. Hessink’s will be presenting two more important public works by Banksy for sale on January 26th in the Netherlands.

The renowned street artist, has maintained a virtual stranglehold on the sale of his public works, denying collectors access to these unique and important pieces by denying them certification through his self appointed authentication board 'Pest Control'.

Seen by many as the jewel in Banksy’s crown, his public works remain disproportionately undervalued and rarely come up for sale, with bidders and auctioneers historically put off by the lack of Pest Control certification.

However, Dutch Auctioneer Richard Hessink believes that there is a shift in sentiment underway, and that the flood gates have begun to open, in this historically very inactive market. 

"The authentication process is designed to identify works by an artist when he is unable - rather than unwilling - to do it himself. Where Hessink's is unequivocally able to state that a work is by Banksy and that the owner has legitimate uncontested ownership, we are comfortable bringing the work to market”. Richard Hessink.

The two pieces to come under the hammer next week, were produced by Banksy in Seel St, Liverpool in 2004, and were timed to coincide with the Liverpool Biennial. Both have been in private ownership since then and come with extensive provenance.

“Banksy’s prolific public work was the catalyst that not only changed his own fortunes, but in doing so, gave credibility to an entirely new genre of art. He single-handedly changed the prevailing narrative towards street art, and his public works remain a vital part of his legacy, and will continue to be preserved where possible for generations to come”. Richard Hessink