Reimond KIMPE (Dutch artist 1885 – 1970)

Raymundus (‘Reimond’) Josephus Petrus KIMPE

Reimond or Raymundus Josephus Petrus (in full) Kimpe graduated as a civil engineer from the University of Ghent, but is self-taught as a painter.
During the First World War he was a fierce Flamingant. After the war he emigrated to the Netherlands and was sentenced to death in absentia in Flanders. In 1920 he settled in Middelburg, where he soon occupied a dominant place in Zeeland art community. Initially he painted in an expressionistic brown style, which is in line with Flemish painters such as Permeke and Gustaaf de Smet. Ships and harbours, landscape and people of Walcheren were his subjects; Westkapelle in particular inspired him.

Lot 202: Raymundus (‘Reimond’) Josephus Petrus KIMPE (Dutch 1885 – 1970) “Two women in red and blue” (1959). Estimate: €3000-€4000.
Lot 200: Raymundus (‘Reimond’) Josephus Petrus KIMPE (1885 – 1970). “A Zeeland Milking Girl in South-Beveland costume” (1936). Estimate: €3000-€4000.
In 1940 his studio was lost in the fire of Middelburg, including a large part of his work. After World War 2 his style of painting became more stylized and abstract, his men and women, houses and ships became stereotypical, in shrill colours. Kimpe's prestige in Zeeland is very high; having a Kimpe in the house became a 'must' for every art lover. 
Reimond Kimpe in 1963, photo archive PZC, ZB, Beeldbank Zeeland, recordnr. 136545
Lot 201: Raymundus (‘Reimond’) Josephus Petrus KIMPE (Dutch 1885 – 1970) ”Farmer from West Kapelle Island” (1936). Estimate: €3000-€4000.
Raymundus (‘Reimond’) Josephus Petrus KIMPE (Dutch 1885 – 1970) ‘The Big Church and city hall at Veere’ (1936).