Hessink's sells masterpieces by the world famous artist Banksy

Zwols auction house once again sells masterpieces by the world famous Street Art artist Banksy

After “Bird with Grenade” was sold for more than 200,000 euros in Zwolle in November last year, private collectors of the street art artist effortlessly find their way to the auction house in the provincial capital. That is why a number of Banksy masterpieces will again be auctioned on January 26.

World famous street art

Auctioneer Richard Hessink is delighted. “It is the spin-off of the sale of Banksy’s” Bird with Grenade “. That was literally the first time that important street art of his has been sold in the Netherlands. It has brought Hessink’s a lot of publicity and name recognition worldwide.

The works of Banksy that will be sold this time are under the title “Gangsta Rat” and “Never liked the Beatles” in the auction catalog. These are stencil and paintwork images that the artist sprayed on a few wooden panels of old buildings on Seel Street in Liverpool in 2004.

“He then attended the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Liverpool,” says Hessink, “and left behind a series of murals and panel artworks on public buildings in the city as a PR stunt. Many of those works of art are due to the demolition of buildings. and vandalism have been lost but fortunately a few have survived. “

“They have been discovered, salvaged and secured by knowledgeable people and have been privately owned since 2004,” said Hessink.


He thinks it’s fantastic that he can sell the works. The images of the rats are iconic in Banksy’s Street Art. On the wooden panel “Gangsta Rat” we see a rat sitting next to a large, portable “boom-box” stereo. He wears a heavy-chain worker uniform and a New York Mets baseball cap. He looks a bit surprised and startled.

On the other wooden panel that will be sold in Zwolle, we see a similar type of rat with the text “Never liked the Beatles” next to it. “A daring piece of street art in a city where the cradle of the famous Beatles is,” says Hessink with a laugh.


Although the Street Art works are not provided with a signature or an official Banksy certificate, the Zwolle auctioneer has no doubts about the authenticity of the pieces from Liverpool.

“Banksy has his own booklet and a lot of templates of his own. He makes prints of them in large print runs that he sells. As soon as he uses those templates in public for Street Art activities anywhere in the world, the media is there as the chickens to capture it.

Smallest details

“We have plenty of photos and videos of the specific pieces that we are going to sell from the BBC, the Sun and the Daily Telegraph, among others. You can see in great detail that the real Street Art material is from Banksy.

The damage on the photos is one-on-one similar to that on the works that we put up for auction. We have a whole team of experts behind us, who 100 percent confirm that they are Banksy’s.

Hessink does not mind the lack of official certificates: “It is no different. We can no longer dig up van Gogh to ask what is real and what is not, and Rembrandt is also deep underground and has gone to dust. We must be able to rely on the experts, who in this case say unanimously that they are the original Banksy’s, “said Hessink. “so customers know very well what they are buying”

Good investment?

In addition, the Zwolle auctioneer does not want to burn his fingers at the sale of forgeries. “That is deadly for our name, if you start playing tricks it will definitely cost you your head in the auction industry. They don’t say fame comes on foot and goes on horseback for nothing. Believe me, we are more famous abroad at the moment. than in the Netherlands. We really can’t afford to come up with forgeries. When we put Banksy’s up for auction, their authenticity is thoroughly investigated. “

Ultimately, according to Hessink’s crystal ball, future buyers of the Banksy will not regret it.

Million euros

“Banksy’s are hot right now, the Street Art works that we are auctioning are still fairly affordable but will irrevocably yield more than a million euros in a year or so,” says the auctioneer. When asked why that is the case, he says; “They are unique and original forerunners of Street Art with which he has become so famous. Some of Banksy’s printed prints are already yielding more than four tons each, so you can of course imagine which direction it will take with this kind of original Street Art. work on can go on.“